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The coastline of Sri Lanka, has had a vibrant and flourishing fisheries industry for millennia. Being a small island surrounded by the blue Ocean, it is no wonder that inhabitants of maritime areas have always resorted to fishing for their livelihood. Situated in the Western shore in Sri Lanka, Negombo also boasts of same. Even though it is only thirty-seven kilometres away from Colombo, Negombo holds its own when it comes to its economy and commerce.

Centuries ago, Negombo was famous in the MiddleEast for its cinnamon. The old scientific name for true cinnamon is Cinnamomum zeylanicum. The word zeylanicum means that it comes from Ceylon, i.e. Sri Lanka, and the Arabs who visited the island for its spices kept the origins of cinnamon a secret from the West for until the 15th century AD or so.

After centuries of Western influence, when the colonial masters finally left our shores, they did take with them one legacy about us: the wonder of Sri Lanka as a tourist destination. To get away from the harsh winters, Sri Lankan beaches became one of the top destinations Europeans started travelling to. As a consequence, Negombo, along with other coastal areas got known throughout the world and its hospitality and tourism industry started flourishing. Now, Negombo is a bustling a tourist centre with everything a discerning tourist could hope for.

Popular jobs in Negombo

As discussed above, tourism is one of the main industries in Negombo. With many hotels, restaurants, and a host of tourist attractions, for anyone keen on a hospitality or tourism job, Negombo is the place to be. For a school leaver just starting out on your career path, the hospitality and tourism industry can be a great starting point.

There are many recruitment companies which hire aspiring job applicants for various jobs for other companies. These recruitment companies operate in many places in the country, Negombo being one of them. Diligent Recruitment is one such company which always has open job vacancies in Negombo.

Negombo is only six kilometres away from the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake. As this is such a small distance to travel, for someone interested in an aviation or airline job, Negombo is the perfect place to be. In fact, many staff members of cabin crew and ground staff of the airport live in or around Negombo. As all tourist related establishments need people to run them, office administration jobs in Negombo are also in demand.

As someone from Negombo, or its surrounding areas, you would surely know of the bustling economy of its town. Busy streets lined with stores offering all sorts of merchandise from apparel to household items to food, Negombo's main thoroughfare is second only to the streets of Pettah. From Banks and financial institutions, stores specialising in fashion and beauty, factories manufacturing a large number of different products, commerce in Negombo is vibrant.

To supplement all these industries, people specialised in every field imaginable are needed in Negombo. For instance, if you are someone who has specialised in accounting, customer service, or IT, chances are that you will undoubtedly find a suitable position for you in Negombo.

Negombo also boasts of a well-established healthcare industry. The general hospital in Negombo is famous for its great service and people from even other districts visit same. Because of the popularity of the general hospital, there are a number of branches of private hospitals such as Nawaloka Hospital in Negombo. There are also many small private hospitals, dispensaries, channelling centres, and pharmacies in Negombo which constantly hire new staff.

Next to Colombo, Negombo is one of the most well known and commercially active cities in Sri Lanka. Be with and your chances of success of a Negombo job is sure to increase.

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