About Us

Firstly, we think you need to know what we are! Simply put, we are a Job Search Engine (very different from job boards which are sites that only show the vacancies posted on their site). As a Job Search Engine, we have found a way to open your eyes to a new way to search for jobs, by showing you every job available across many platforms in Sri Lanka. From company career pages to job sites we have aggregated all the jobs available to give you save you time and effort, bringing back the convenience which online job searching once had.

One of your questions or your main question may be: “Are you stealing jobs from other sites?” We do not show any of the jobs that we don’t host on our site - you will be redirected to the source - we merely reference the jobs available on all of these platforms.

So, from jobs in the private sector to government jobs - we’ve managed to aggregate all of them in one platform! At JobCircle, we don't just advertise job vacancies in Sri Lanka, we help nurture better lifestyles. After all, a better job is about much more than salary and title. It’s about a better experience; which leads to more opportunities, better relationships, and more perspectives — all of which constitute creating the lifestyle you desire.

So, simply put, our mission is to improve the recruitment industry in Sri Lanka by giving everyone more opportunities.

Advertising with Sri Lanka’s Largest Job Search Engine

Today, job search results are overcrowded with job sites and this does not help job seekers in any way, but only makes things more complicating and frustrating, and with this, the convenience of looking for a job online will soon diminish. This thought process is what led to the conceptualization of a “Job Search Engine”, to bring back the convenience of searching jobs to our job seekers.

The feedback we received was astounding and our efforts of trying to bring back convenience in the online job market made us the largest job site in Sri Lanka. Where job sites, in general, offer 1000 opportunities in total, we are able to show you over 1000 opportunities in the Sales and Marketing category alone. Simply said, the ability to create more opportunities every day is what makes our site potentially and eventually the most visited job portal in Sri Lanka:

How do we keep ourselves top?

SEO and Social Media Marketing. We use both these methods effectively so it impacts our site in a good way.

How has it worked out for us?

Google Analytics is the most trusted way of analyzing a site. Shown below is the progress we have made thus far as we intend to be transparent with you with regard to our statistics.

Growing Number of Job Seekers

Attract from possibly the largest growing community of Job Seekers. Claim your profile page today so you could start posting jobs, upload pictures and manage reviews.

Use an Upgrade

On average, our engine delivers up to 1000 jobs per day. So we advise you to use the Pay-per-Click upgrade or other upgrades available to make your ad stand out.

Search our Database

It used to be word-of-mouth, now you can use OWL’s CV database. Search through any number of CVs, just pay for the talent that you wish to interview.

Use your brand

Set a Profile Picture, add details about your company, an Image Gallery, and manage employee reviews. All of this is to show potential employees what it is like to work for you.

Registration is completely free and pretty quick

Sign up through our site (it’s just a two-step process) and start hiring your future employees through your Employee account.

Search through a database of over a thousand CVs.

You pay just Rs.1000 for connecting you to the recruitment agency in possession of the selected resume. However, if you stumble upon an OWL resume, the price is fixed at 20% of the negotiated salary.

We’re here for you!

We respond to calls within seconds, and emails within a day! Our customer service team communicates in Sinhala, Tamil, and English. Contact us now!

Social Recruitment Platform

Are you looking for candidates? Wonder how to reach out to passive candidates ahead of the competition active on Social Networking Websites? Ever thought of influencing your social media connections and search engines to find and recruit the best talent - faster?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

Promote Jobs on Social Networks

Promote jobs to social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Post your content simultaneously to multiple networks in a click. Propel your business or brand onto internet stardom.