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Since ancient times, Galle was known through the orient and the middle-east as a prominent seaport. Not only the Chinese from the Great Orient but also the Persians and the Arabs used Galle in their traverses through the Oceans. Because of this, Galle was famous as an important business hub even then. As a meeting point of many nations trading through it, Galle bore marks as one of the largest port markets in Asia. Adding to this large market were homegrown products such as cinnamon and other spices as well. The history of Galle is indeed illustrious. It has been said that King Solomon of Israel ( imported cinnamon, ivory, and peacock feathers from Galle as early as 1400 BC and that Galle was then known as Tarshish.

However, it is in the 16th century that Galle started to have a historical importance to us in the present day. When the Portuguese alighted on Sri Lankan soil in 1502, it was the Galle port that they set foot on. In 1640, the Portuguese having surrendered to the Dutch, the Dutch took control of Galle. When they realised the prominence of Galle as a maritime port both in relation to commerce and defence, they hastily built the Galle fort in 1663. This is the Galle fort which stands proudly to-date. When Ceylon was ceded to the British by the Dutch in 1796, the British used the fort unchanged. They then continued to use Galle as the administrative capital of the Southern District, just as we do today.

Types of job opportunities available in Galle

How then, does such a rich history make way for employment in Sri Lanka. Similar to other places in Sri Lanka with historical importance such as Kandy, Galle also boasts a vibrant hospitality and tourism industry. In the modern times, it is rather common for Sri Lankans to head down south for their holiday-making. These excursions often lead to Galle and its many wards. The Galle Fort itself features a number of boutique hotels and quaint tourist attractions. The Galle Literary Festival is an annual event which celebrates the written word. It attracts a large number of foreign visitors, eager to meet and greet well-known writers from around the world.

While this is the posher side of Galle, the biggest portion of the population in the Galle district is employed in primary industries such as agriculture, fisheries, and animal husbandry. When you take agriculture, the main sources of income come from paddy (rice production), rubber, and coconut. However, there are also tea and cinnamon being produced in the Galle district.

The Koggala Export Processing Zone is a large industrial estate which is home to a large number of companies and factories. In the Galle district, this has become a place where many job opportunities can be found.

Tourism jobs in Galle

As discussed above, Galle is one of the premier tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Beautiful beaches are the biggest tourist attraction in Galle. From swimming to snorkelling, from open water diving to boat rides, Galle has something to offer for everyone's taste.

If beautiful sandy beaches are not what one looks for, then there are a number of historical places to visit. If you are interested in architecture for instance, there are many architectural marvels to be found in Galle.

What other jobs are available in Galle?

Galle is fundamentally no different from any other large city in Sri Lanka. In Galle, you can practically find any industry available in the country. Galle, for instance, boasts some of Sri Lanka's oldest schools. There are also the University of Ruhuna and the Open University of Sri Lanka operating in Galle. Thus, there are plenty of education job vacancies available.

The Karapitiya Teaching Hospital is located in an immediate suburb of Galle, paving the way to a lot of jobs in the healthcare field. Whether it is banking and finance, corporate management, sales and marketing, or sports and fitness, Galle is immersed in a large job pool.

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