Types of engineering jobs in Sri Lanka

Some of the most well-known and popular engineering jobs in Sri Lanka are those of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and computer engineers.

It is said that civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines in the world. If there is an engineer involved with building buildings or any type of construction work, he can be said to be a civil engineer. Civil engineers are engaged in everything from building houses to bridges, to water supply systems to and even aeroplanes. Maga Engineering is one company in Sri Lanka always on the look out for civil engineers as they are heavily concentrated in the field of construction. While they might not be very popular in Sri Lanka yet, there are branches of civil engineering which are fast becoming trendy in developed countries. In the aviation field alone, you can find engineering job vacancies for aerospace engineers, aerospace operation engineers, flight engineers, and health and safety engineers, among others.

Land and air are not on the only places to have engineers. Every sea-faring vessel, every ocean-bound expedition, every marine research team also needs engineers. mechanical engineers, nautical engineers and, marine engineers are a few the more popular ones. A shipping and logistics company in Sri Lanka which periodically seeks engineers is ShipXpress.

Every time you get in your car or on your motorbike, think of the person behind its creation, the automotive engineer. The automotive engineer is the person who researches, designs and makes the vehicles. While becoming an automotive engineer might not be the easiest, it is one of the most rewarding career paths an aspiring engineer can take.

Even though civil engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering can be said to the main branches of the engineering profession in Sri Lanka, you will find that there are many inter-disciplinary engineering jobs in Sri Lanka as well. Some of these are industrial engineering, energy engineering, military engineering, management engineering, and nano-engineering.

What are the new fields of engineering in Sri Lanka?

A few decades ago, the main fields of engineering in Sri Lanka were just civil engineering and mechanical engineering. Now, however, the engineering jobs in Sri Lanka, have come forward leaps and bounds. You can find chemical engineers, biomedical engineers, biomechanical engineers and, mining and geological engineers in Sri Lanka as well. And many universities now offer degrees to supplement these jobs in Sri Lanka.

The demand for IT jobs in Sri Lanka is going up as well. Among these IT vacancies are vacancies for computer engineers in every form. Computer hardware engineers, software engineers, and network engineers are all much in demand.

How to become an engineer in Sri Lanka

The best way to become any type of an engineer anywhere in the world to study for a bachelor’s degree in engineering. However, the path to obtaining a bachelor’s degree might be made easier for you by first following diploma course in engineering in Sri Lanka. To start off with, there are Higher National Diplomas in Engineering you can follow. There are also three-year and four-year bachelor’s degree programmes conducted by both state universities (accredited by IESL) and foreign/private universities in Sri Lanka.

Once you have passed the academic qualification you require, you can become a professional engineer by becoming a member of any professional engineering institute or organisation.

Being a professional engineer in Sri Lanka

Professional engineers in Sri Lanka can become members of the Institute of Engineers of Sri Lanka, IESL. IESL is the body in Sri Lanka which grants engineers with the Chartered Engineer and International Professional Engineer accreditations. Student engineers can also apply for membership.

Some other professional bodies of which engineers can become members are the Institute of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka, the Institute of Engineering Technology Sri Lanka which also provides engineering education, and the Engineering Council of the UK.

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